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A chill in silence.... 
04:12pm 10/08/2005
mood: accomplished

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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 
10:16pm 09/07/2005

The Tale Of A Man, A Woman & The Corpses Of 1000 Evil MenCollapse )

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I did it!! 
11:04pm 02/12/2004
mood: complacent
Here is Death from lonefool's fiction for me. It is sucky, but I meant well ^_^'

Meet with Death?Collapse )

...Can you tell Brad has read the Sandman series? ^_^ Death did have a book, but I got pissed off with it, so it went bye-bye. And I couldn't resist the Scythe... Just too fun.
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Try as hard as you can to get rid of it, its still there. 
08:03pm 11/11/2004
  I think today I got rid of the last of the stuff that reminds me of it, stuff like physical evidence, I will never forget it as hard as I might try. It was a tough task since each item represented some moment that I had to think of again. I dont want to keep any of those things any more. I held on to them for some reason, I didnt want to let go. I realized I had to, but I didnt want to do it. Finally I did it. It just took me awhile to do it. Looking back on it all now, which I cant prevent myself from doing, its inevitable, I think I made things worse with that situation. I think I pushed someone away. And now I feel like I do that to many people. Maybe thats the reason I am lonely. As I told someone else though, I think in that suspicious way alot, like the world hates me. I dont know what I am going through now. Its a state of overwhelming doubt and confusion. I cant seem to find a way out of it. I dont know why I posted this here, I just felt like I needed to let it out. I didnt want someone to possibly read it, so I felt here was fine.  
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A few words, 
09:33pm 09/11/2004
  A few of my thoughts, which I dont feel like I can tell anyone who knows me at least. I deleted them from my journal, but thought they should go somewhere. It was a part of me that I bottled up in myself. How ironic that I post them here.

Sitting in the room
Seeing her at the front.
Well, just her hairstyle I guess.
She's sitting next to me
Its just her smell.

Time hasnt brought change
For me at least,
She's still gone.
And now she's got her makeup on,
Her hair all done,
And she aint coming back,
Cant you come back?

I've got this feeling,
Cant find a way to let it go
Something happened before
I never understood
Still causes pain today

But I am stopping that now
I am moving on
This time it will happen
The hole in my heart
She made
I've filled it
With all the reason
To get over her
Cos she doesnt matter anymore
She's not here
She does not care
She's gone
And so is the thought of her
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More from Anonymous. 
05:04pm 06/11/2004
mood: curious
"I've lost my thread
That closed my wounds
They've split open
Stinging with the exposure.
Only time can heal
Forget about the pain
Continue with the day."

"Cut your losses
Cut your ties
Start a new life
These things they can
Tie you up, weigh you down
Wear you in they wear you out
Once day you could
Find yourself suddenly
Underneath the guillotine
You'll have to answer up for
What you want and what that means
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Momento mori 
11:34pm 04/11/2004
mood: happy
"His name is Edgar, but he goes by 'Death'. See, Death knows a lot about you, and that's the time that you die. That's all, just the date of your death. But think about it, that's a lot. It's powerful. What if you knew when you would die? How different would your life be if you knew when you were going to die? I say it would be a lot.
In this white room, Death sits in his chair, behind his desk. You find yourself sitting in front of him, and he's the only thing that stands out. He's all you can focus on. Closely behind you, unknown at first, stands an angel. Yes, your own personal guardian angel. Each of us has one, one assigned to watch over us. So a little meeting occurs. Basically the whole nine lives thing is set out in front of you, explained very carefully 'cause Death is precise. Also mad, since he has to deal with you eight more times in stead of none

Jesus. This is your third time in a year isn't it?

'Death' (picture and text) by King confused_one6, for short story in the process of being written.

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Not a good day... 
11:32pm 04/11/2004
mood: cranky
I am dejected, predictable in my own misery.
I am cold, frozen out of body mind and soul,
I am cut, bent and crippled and angered with the world –
Today this person dies.
I am burnt, blistered and seared and melted: smelling bad,
I am withered; sunlight does not purvey this place inside.
I am shot and smashed and splattered in unspeakable strong rage,
Seeking out a pit in which to hide -
I am broken, picked up and thrown and cracked or shattered,
I am twisted, tied in knots like the plaything of a boy scout.
I am tired and I am wasted: thin, bloated and gaunt,

But don’t ever doubt me
For I will survive.
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08:50pm 13/10/2004
mood: curious
Here is my first entry...
it exists purely to waste room...
and see if this all works...
I wonder.

I am queen here.
That horizon is mine.
I wonder.

Here is Sandman.
He inspired this city.
He put the dream into my head.

I am not a steward.

I wonder.

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