loser looking for his lucky break (lonefool) wrote in a_bottle_city,
loser looking for his lucky break

A few words,

A few of my thoughts, which I dont feel like I can tell anyone who knows me at least. I deleted them from my journal, but thought they should go somewhere. It was a part of me that I bottled up in myself. How ironic that I post them here.

Sitting in the room
Seeing her at the front.
Well, just her hairstyle I guess.
She's sitting next to me
Its just her smell.

Time hasnt brought change
For me at least,
She's still gone.
And now she's got her makeup on,
Her hair all done,
And she aint coming back,
Cant you come back?

I've got this feeling,
Cant find a way to let it go
Something happened before
I never understood
Still causes pain today

But I am stopping that now
I am moving on
This time it will happen
The hole in my heart
She made
I've filled it
With all the reason
To get over her
Cos she doesnt matter anymore
She's not here
She does not care
She's gone
And so is the thought of her
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