Pasiphaë (delirious_deus) wrote in a_bottle_city,

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Not a good day...

I am dejected, predictable in my own misery.
I am cold, frozen out of body mind and soul,
I am cut, bent and crippled and angered with the world –
Today this person dies.
I am burnt, blistered and seared and melted: smelling bad,
I am withered; sunlight does not purvey this place inside.
I am shot and smashed and splattered in unspeakable strong rage,
Seeking out a pit in which to hide -
I am broken, picked up and thrown and cracked or shattered,
I am twisted, tied in knots like the plaything of a boy scout.
I am tired and I am wasted: thin, bloated and gaunt,

But don’t ever doubt me
For I will survive.
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