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Momento mori

"His name is Edgar, but he goes by 'Death'. See, Death knows a lot about you, and that's the time that you die. That's all, just the date of your death. But think about it, that's a lot. It's powerful. What if you knew when you would die? How different would your life be if you knew when you were going to die? I say it would be a lot.
In this white room, Death sits in his chair, behind his desk. You find yourself sitting in front of him, and he's the only thing that stands out. He's all you can focus on. Closely behind you, unknown at first, stands an angel. Yes, your own personal guardian angel. Each of us has one, one assigned to watch over us. So a little meeting occurs. Basically the whole nine lives thing is set out in front of you, explained very carefully 'cause Death is precise. Also mad, since he has to deal with you eight more times in stead of none

Jesus. This is your third time in a year isn't it?

'Death' (picture and text) by King confused_one6, for short story in the process of being written.

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