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Wherein lies Utopia...

...without: an empty world.

A City in the palm of your hand...
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This is a Bottled City. A city where everything good, and everything worthwhile has been bottled and preserved, so it could be enjoyed forever more. Art, poetry; painting and writing, it all belongs here. Though a place of creativity - though feel free to post about anything you think people want to see - though like most comms, we have our rules.

1) No profanities, unless they’re behind an lj-cut, in which case you should warn people.
2) Extremely long entries should be behind an lj-cut too, so as not to crowd users' friends page.
3) No racism, sexism, ageism or homophobia. This is not the place.
4) Biting comments are allowed, but no starting fights.
5) Respect your Mods.

Breaking these rules more then three times will get you kicked out.

Other then that - we love x posting random stuff. So if you've posted it somewhere else, we'd probably love it here too. Without further ado: enter and enjoy! ^_^

This city was created by It's Queen, (delirious_deus = Katherine), for her King (confused_one6). They are the Moderators of this community.

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"...there's more to the whole universe. A lot more. You have no concept of its size. My people and I have inhabited on this star named Allegro. We established a fine little place here. No one else to bother us, just how we like it. But I am afraid we expanded too fast, and were unprepared. So I was told to search the universe. And in the whole universe, I was drawn to one place..."

- HRH confused_one6